For Buyers

Home buyers working with a local real estate agentWhen you are looking to buy a house, it’s a good idea to have both an experienced local Realtor and an experience Loan Officer on your team.

Reasons to work with a Realtor:

  • Local realtors will know why some homes on the same street are worth more than others. They can determine accurate prices on specific homes.
  • They know who currently and previously owned homes in the neighborhood, and when and how much each home sold for.

    They know which streets in a neighborhood are more desirable than others, and why.

    They know other Realtors who work in the area, can communicate directly with them, and get information beyond what you and competing buyers likely don’t have. Your Realtor can also advise you on which listings are overpriced and which are at market value.

    They can refer you to local home inspectors and can recommend additional inspections that should be performed that are specific to the area.

    They know if there is home owner’s associations in the neighborhoods you like, who the management company is, what their rules and regulations are, and what the HOA fees are.